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Genesis (ABV 3.5%) – recently awarded first prize for Best Hopped Ale in Kent 2013 AND Winner of BEST KENTISH BEER 2014 in the Taste of Kent Awards - the beginning beer, a dark ruby coloured single hop ale with a full flavour and lasting bitter finish.

Good Health

Good Health (ABV 3.6%)WINNER of Best Kentish Beer 2015 in the Taste of Kent Awards - a golden ale with a fresh hoppy finish and undertone of zesty orange peel.

Good Life

Good Life (ABV 3.9%) – fresh tasting pale ale, bursting with citrus flavours, a host of golden hops.

Good Heavens

Good Heavens (ABV 4.1%) – ambrosia... amber coloured, hoppy ale made with Pilgrim hops.

Good Sheppard

Good Sheppard (ABV 4.5%) – deep amber ale with a warm vanilla twist on the palate and a soft feel on the tongue; a beer to guide you home. 'Sheppard' because it is Karen's mother's maiden name and an ancient English and sometimes Scottish surname. Other spellings include Shepherd, Shephard and Sheppard, Shepeard, Shepperd and Shippard. Read more at

Goodness Gracious Me

Goodness Gracious Me (ABV 4.8%) – India Pale Ale. Robust and citrus flavoured IPA evoking the taste of the Raj during this Indian summer?

Good Lord

Good Lord (ABV 5%) – rich, medium-full bodied porter with smooth roasted coffee tinge and silky bitter finish, the beer that must be obeyed.

Seasonal beers

Good Evening Good Evening (ABV 3.4%) – a smooth, dark mild with a tinge of chocolate.
Green Hop Genesis

Green Hop Genesis (ABV 3.5%) – a dark ruby coloured ale that has lots of flavour for its low ABV and an extra fresh, lasting hoppy finish coming from the green hops – available in September/October.

Good Try Good Try (ABV 3.8%) – full bodied ruby bitter.
Good Harvest

Good Harvest (ABV 3.8%) – a clean tasting amber ale made with East Kent Golding hops harvested straight from the bines and brewed within 4 hours of picking – a unique taste of Autumn – available in September/October.

Dead Good

Dead Good (ABV 4.0%) – amber bitter with a medley of Kentish hops and in conjunction with the Morris Dancers.

Good Luck

Good Luck (ABV 4.2%) – football Special golden ale with subtle hint of fruit.
Good Friday

Good Friday (ABV 4.5%) – a beer to die for, a full bodied bitter.

Good Friday
Good Innings Good Innings (ABV 4.6%) full bodied golden ale with citrus hoppy flavour – a beer to bowl you over!


GoodNess (ABV 4.6%) – a wee bitter with a hop and thistle twist!

Good King Wenceslas

Good King Wenceslas (ABV 4.8%) – amber/ruby spicy Christmas ale, deep and crisp and even.

Goody Gum Drops

Goody Gum Drops (ABV 4.3%) – made with hand picked berries from our own hedgerows giving a delicate lingering berry flavour and hoppy bitterness, may have a slight haze - one of your five a day!?!

Bottled beers

Dead GoodGood Cheer, Goodness Gracious and Dead GoodGood Cheer, Dead Good and Goodness Gracious MeGoodness Gracious Me, Good Cheer and Good EveningGood HarvestDead GoodDead GoodGoodness Gracious MeGoodness Gracious MeGood CheerGood CheerGood CheerGood KnightGood KnightGood Knight

Award winning Genesis, Good Life and Good Innings are now available in bottles
Good Health Good Health (ABV 3.6%) Good Heavens Good Heavens (ABV 4.1%)
Good Sheppard Good Sheppard (ABV 4.5%) Good Lord Good Lord (ABV 5%)
Good King Wenceslas Good King Wenceslas (ABV 4.8%) Genesis Genesis (ABV 3.6%)
Good Life Good Life (ABV 3.9%) Good Innings Good Innings (ABV 4.6%)

Goody Ales bottled beers

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Our beer is made from locally grown hops and Maris Otter barley
using crafted brewing methods

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