Bringing the taste of Heaven to Herne!

The story so far

Our calling came from above to bring the taste of heaven to Herne, god looked down and saw that it was 'Goody Ales'.

We were both teachers before we saw the light. A voice from above said let there be light ale.

It was written in scriptures that towards the end of days, a brewery would be born in Herne and it will be named Goody Ales.

From that day forth fine ales will be brewed using the god given fruits of the earth - barley, water, hops and a sprinkling of manna.

Goody Ales use traditional methods to produce cask conditioned and bottled English beer. We brew with the finest quality floor malted Maris Otter barley and Kentish hops. The brewing process utilises nothing more than malt, water, yeast and hops to provide you with pure Kentish beer.

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